Lets Get Ready - Preparing For Delivery

Lets Get Ready - Preparing For Delivery

During the third trimester, we started preparing for our baby’s arrival. As we didn’t know the gender of our baby, we started shopping for unisex clothing items. My favorite part was choosing the supercute onesie. 

By the end of my eight month, I had prepared my hospital bag with all the essentials and was ready just in case. Here is the list of things that I packed which I thought I would need just after delivery:

  • Sanitary pads: One of the most essential thing to pack was sanitary pads, as we start bleeding immediately after delivery
  • Clothes: I packed atleast two pair of clothes (super comfortable dresses) and lingerie which I would wear after getting discharged
  • Towel and toiletries
  • Make-Up: I also packed my make-up essentials to look presentable post delivery as I knew a lot of pictures were going to be clicked and I didn't wanted look like Mr. Bean. 

I also kept a small baby bag inside my hospital bag which had all the baby essentials. Here is ist of what I packed:

  • Newborn clothes, 
  • Swaddles, 
  • Diapers, 
  • Caps, 
  • Mittens, 
  • Baby wipes 
  • Baby formula milk (just in case)

During my 38 week’s ultrasound, my doctor said that the baby had the umbilical cord wrapped twice around its neck. That is when my doctor told me that they will wait for another week, and if the cord is still wrapped twice, she might have to do a C-section as there is a risk of strangulation during a normal pregnancy. Hearing this, all I wanted was my baby to be safe, so we waited and still the cord was wrapped twice. Therefore, we advised the doctor to go ahead with the C-section.

So I got admitted in the hospital the next week, and my C-section was planned in the evening. As soon as they took me to the OT, I was a little scared and prayed throughout. And finally, the magical moment arrived and I heard soft cries. My doctor told me it's a healthy beautiful girl. I was super elated and cried with utter joy as I thanked God. I couldn’t hold back my excitement and happy tears as I always wished for a baby girl.

  • First month with the baby

    We brought our baby girl home, and the whole family was there to welcome our bundle of joy. From flowers to balloons, decorations to music, cake to lots of cuddly stuffed toys, our girl was welcomed with a lot of pride and joy. During the initial days, I learned to breastfeed her, burp her, clean her, and change her mostly by instinct. Thankfully both my mother and my mother-in-law were there to support me. My husband was so fond of the baby that he didn’t feel like going anywhere. I think that’s why she’s daddy’s little girl. Honestly, I struggled initially with sleepless nights, and constantly woke up to check whether she is alright. I was constantly judging myself and my actions trying to be a perfect mother. This made me anxious all the time. But with the support of my husband and loved ones I was able to swim my way through the anxiety tide.

    • Newborn shoot:

    I had already planned in advance for my baby’s photoshoot and narrowed down on the photographer along with some ideas that I wished to be included in the shoot. I made sure all the shoots were done indoors in the studio. I loved the idea of a baby cuddled up in a furry and floral basket, plus a baby angel pose with wings and a tiara. The end result turned out to be more than what we expected. Seriously the cutest pics we would cherish for life. We immediately got some framed and added to our photowall and one in our room.

    • Welcome to motherhood

    “A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty” – Anonymous

    Motherhood is an all new world to explore. It's a unique journey,  and there is no right or no wrong way to it. We always strive to be the “perfect mother”, but you know what, there is no such thing as a “perfect mother”. Every mother tries to give her best to her baby, as we love our child more than we love ourselves or anyone. Our child is the center of our world. Though at times I felt exhausted and lost, however with each passing day I became more informed and more equipped. And with that, I started enjoying it to the fullest. Yes! The struggles are real and that's why it’s a bittersweet journey, but yet the most beautiful one.

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