Why diaper-free time is essential for babies?

Why diaper-free time is essential for babies?

In this modern and fast pace world, we are all used to putting our babies in diapers 24x7 as it is less stressful and takes little time changing them. But while diapers may be quick, they come with their own set of issues. The biggest of which is the frequent occurrence of rashes on a ‘s sensitive skin if it has been in contact with it for a long period of time as most diapers are not very breathable.

In case of disposable diapers, an additional factor of the rashes are the harsh chemicals and plastic which the disposables are made of.

Therefore, with time, more and more parents have realized the importance of diaper free time for their babies. Diaper-free time is encouraged for two major reasons. As stated earlier, one of the main reasons is to prevent diaper rashes. While others adopt the gentle approach called Elimination Communication (EC), wherein babies are left diaper free, and parents respond to their baby’s elimination cues by taking them to the potty.

Here are some more reasons as to why parents should give their babies some diaper free time:

  1. Less diapers disposed: A baby cutting down the use of diapers, only mean a decrease in the diapers being disposed. Thus doing the environment some good.
  2. Early potty training: Those who practice diaper free time along with EC vouch that babies potty train earlier than those babies who are in a diaper all the time. Letting your kid go bare is often suggested while potty training children as it enables children to become more aware of their bodily functions and responds to it.
  3. More alert to your baby’s needs: Experts believe that babies communicate their every need. Just like how babies express when they are hungry or sleepy, they will let you know when they want to pee or poop. The more we understand our baby’s needs, the better we react to it. Diaper free time for the babies may sound scary to many. But, once you think about how babies were potty trained before the modern diaper market took over, you will quickly realise that there is nothing strange about limiting the diaper time, in fact, that is a very natural approach. Even if you are not into full time EC, giving your babies diaper free time and allowing them some time on the Tidy Sleep dry sheet will help with diaper rashes and encourage early potty training.

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