Importance of walking your talk

Importance of walking your talk

I often forget just how observant a two year old child is. My daughter learns much more from just seeing me do things than what I try to hammer in her head by constant talking / directing. 

Every morning I work out, sharp at 8 am. I keep my daughter next to me on her play mat and some toys. I thought it was all fun and games, till a month ago she started walking to where I was and started showing interest in my workout. She picked up simple yoga poses like the tree pose and the child pose, and now its graduated into a small Mumma Daughter routine where we do some basic exercises together. 

This is what made me realise that the best way to teach my child something is to actually follow the things I want her to inculcate, in myself. 

It’s so hard to resist your phone screen, that extra bite of chocolate, the urge to shout at your partner during silly fights.. so tough to control our own temper and tongue. But so easy to keep expecting our children to be versions that we never are. 

So to all parents out there, lets take a deep breath and WALK OUR TALK!

Let’s talk to our kids genuinely understanding and appreciating their points and emotions, let’s read a little more and binge on TV a little less. Let’s take the dirty plate to the sink and speak a kind word. 

We are the first point of learning for our child… Lets make the most of this love!

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