Tidy Sleep is India’s NO 1 DRY SHEET BRAND.

Tidy Sleep is India’s NO 1 DRY SHEET BRAND.

With almost 50,000 happy homes and growing, TIDYSLEEP is INDIA’S NO 1 DRY SHEET BRAND. 

Finally, a solution for your baby’s leaky problem!

Lets rewind the clock, back in the day, whenever a baby would pee and wet his cot or the mattress, the mother would struggle under piles of laundry and after three to four pee cycles, would grad the mattress out in the sun to dry it out. She would use basic plastic sheets, which would not be the most comfortable for the baby and would tear off after one or two uses. 

Technology has made our lives more easy than imaginable, and this little nugget of a problem has been solved as well!

We now have technology that can laminate high density polymer sheets onto fabrics, giving an easy solution to an age old problem. 

Dry Sheets are fabric based laminated sheets that can absorb upto 8 times their weight in liquid, and the fabric used is safe for the baby to be placed on. Thus, the baby can enjoy diaper free time, and the mother can be assured of dry surfaces. The sheets and their magic membranes soak all baby pee and leave the mattress dry! Additionally, the fabric dries up quickly and leaves no trace of pee odour. These sheets are reusable and can be easily washed and are quick to dry. A must have for any baby nursery, they come in multiple sizes and colours. 

Wy are we the best?

TIDYSLEEP was started with the aim of spreading the joy of dry and hygienic mattresses to all mothers in town. We give assurance of certified fabrics, tested safe for baby’s and infants. We don’t compromise on the quality of our TPU membrane, guaranteeing soaking for upto 100 washes. We are here. We are made in India brand, operating out of Delhi NCR, and are available 24/7 for any queries, consults or complaints. 

Try it!

Don’t take our word. Order a dry sheet and experience the magic of simple parenting first hand!


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