Let’s Talk About Our “GADDA SET”

Let’s Talk About Our “GADDA SET”

Hi Mommies!

We are here to take you through our beloved Gadda Set! A lot of homes have space constraints where they cannot fit in a cot for their new born. Some houses are big enough but mothers still want a bedding option that be easily taken from one room to another. There are some houses still, which prefer to make the baby sleep on the floor to prevent any accidental fall’s from the bed or cot. In all such scenarios, a GADDA SET is a great addition to your must have list. 

A gadda set is designed in a pod like shape, and has a very slight elevation at the edges. It has polypill filled inside, so it provides a soft surface for the baby to lie on. It does not provide a hard back which is given by a foam backing. It’s ideal to place the Gadda set itself on a hard surface, such as a bed, floor or cot.

The Gadda set can be folded and has a mosquito net. It also comes with a small pillow. The Gadda set’s cover is not removable, and has to be dry cleaned. It’s ideal to keep a changing mat / dry sheet with you to place on it as a surface protector. 

Hope this article helps in making an informed purchase!!

Please drop in your questions and queries below and we will try to get back on it asap!

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