Baby Bedding Must Haves

Baby Bedding Must Haves

Hi Mamma’s to be!

Join us as we seek to unravel the secrets into creating the perfect nest for your little dreamer. Because in the world of baby being, every night should be a slumber party!

Before we go into the purchases side of things, let’s understand a few pointers that we should keep in mind while tending to sleep related issues with a new born.

As much as possible, make the baby sleep on its back. This position significantly reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Always use a firm mattress,

Avoid too many pillows, plush toys, or thick blankets, as they can pose a suffocation hazard and are difficult to clean and tend to attract dust. Keep the crib bare as much as possible.

Maintain a comfortable room temperate for your baby, avoid overdressing them, heat rash is a thing, and an overheated baby will fall pray to it!

Consider using sleep sacks or wearable blankets as alternatives to loose blankets. These can help keep your baby warm without the risk of covering their face.

As much as possible, create a bedtime routine and stick to it. Remember, babies have no concept of time, and a routine will feel familiar and comfortable.

Last, much like adults, babies prefer a dark and cozy sleep environment. Aim to create the same at night.

Lets jump to the good part!

I am a swaddle connoisseur. Between two kids, textile families and sisters who love to travel, I have had a chance to experience almost all there is in baby swaddles and bedding sheets.
And these are my top picks for baby blankets (I have also followed up with what all blankets are these for children) -

1. Every nursery should have a good old fashioned swaddle set. They so comfortable, come in super cute prints, are easy to use.. and used they are. As a bed spread, feeding cover, to swaddle the baby, to carry as a blanket in your bag, to drape on the legs for a pram ride. A swaddles versatility knows no bounds.

Pro Tip - Try to go for a 100% cotton swaddle that ideally has a loose weave. This allows for great airflow.

2. A light weight cotton blanket! This is a year round staple, as mostly we like to keep babies in ac during summers. A light weight cotton blanket ensures that the baby is cocooned and comfy without getting over heated. These are super easy to wash, as due to their small size and weight they are machine friendly!
Pro Tip - select a light weight blanket that can be washed in machine and can dry quickly. Heavier fleece blanket, though they look warmer take longer to dry and sometimes the polyester nature of the fabric over heats the child.

3. Jersey swaddle / sheet. This is a simple jersey fabric sheet, and is extremely useful to have. Its uses mostly mimic that of a swaddle, but the fabric is slightly heavier in weight. I used to use my jersey sheet as a mini bed spread for my daughter, and mostly always had a spare in my purse for blanket emergencies.

4. Crochet blanket - these just look stylish! My Nani knitted a stunning wool blanket for both my kids, so I would layer them up in winters, but otherwise also, crochet blankets are great for some fashion moments
Pro Tip - read washing instructions carefully, and make sure the knit is small enough to entangle the Childs finger.

Have fun creating a fun, warm safe environment for your little one!

As promised a lis of all types of baby blankets -

Receiving blanket

Security blanket

Swaddling blanket

Crib blanket


Thermal blanket

Fleece blanket

Milestone Blanket


Let’s talk about bed sets in the next section! Stay tuned!!

Priyanka Agarwal

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