Kubo's Coconut(y) Journey

Kubo's Coconut(y) Journey

In India, Coconut oil has been staple in Ayurvedic practices for centuries. Ayurveda, the traditional system of medicine in India recognises the theruputic properties of coconut oil and often incorporates it in massage oils for infants as part of broader infant care.

Cut back to me finding out I’m pregnant and being flooded with advice from my dadi. My dadi is now unwell, and can hardly recognise me , so the wisdom she passed on to me has become ever more relevant. As a generation I feel worried that getting flooded with modernity we are forgetting our roots. And as our elders leave our side, their knowledge will soon get lost if we don’t learn to appreciate it, and adapt it in our lifestyle.

Nothing can benefit your child more that what is pure, and derived straight from source.

Baby massages ( under proper care and guidance ) is something I so strongly believe in. I have fond memories in photos of being out in the sun in our veranda being massaged by my dadi for stronger limbs and bones. With this sole thought in my heart, I created KUBO’s massage oils.

Coconuts have strong moisturising and antimicrobial properties. Anti microbial means the ability of a substance to inhibit growth or kill micro organisms. Coconuts contain medium chain fatty acids such as Lauric Acid, Capric Acid, Caprylic Acid and Caproic Acid, which contribute to its anti microbial properties. Research also suggests that the fatty acids in coconut oils, particularly Lauric acid, may have anti viral effects. They can potentially disrupt the lipid envelope of certain viruses and prevent them from entering the host cell and replicating. They also have strong anti fungal properties. Apart from all of this, they genuinely nourish the baby’s skin, and help alleviate common skin issues and support healthy muscle development and joint flexibility.

I also love the mild smell of pure coconut oils and massaging your child strengthens mother child bonding time and promotes relaxation in babies… helping them with sound sleep.

All of the above and the genuine belief in oil being the best moisturizer for an infant excites me. With organic oils, you also don’t take on the added stress of PFA’s being present in the bottle.

We make our coconut oils with old school Lakki Ghanna method, and don’t use the same coconut more than once to extract the oil. This ensures that only the purest oil reaches your bottle and not oil from the husk or an overstrained fruit.

Try us once, and I am sure you will have no complaints.

I hope that the care and love I put into making this oil, reaches your hands and benefits your baby!

Priyanka Agarwal

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